How to use an image in desk/detail view taken...

(Luigi Binaghi) #1

How to use an image in desk/detail view taken from another table


Imagine i have two simple tables: -items (id, image, name) -images(id, image, caption)

I would like to use the same image for different items and I set up items[image] as a reference to the images tables. If I create a desk or detail view for the items table It seems there’s no way to show the referenced image as the main image for the view and I get the usual warning

“Control ‘items’ uses a display type that is best suited for data with an image column. Try adding a virtual column with the TEXT_ICON() formula” There is no way to select the image ref column as the main image in the view. The only options are auto and none

Is there any way to get the image displayed as if it were in the items table?


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Luigi_Binaghi Based on the description, you are referencing images from images table into items table.

if it is so, is it feasible that

you may reference Image table ID into Items table and then set Images column in items table as dereference column to images column in image table rather than setting Items{images} as a reference column?

Then you may set the

Image column in Item table as a main image field in deck view.

(Luigi Binaghi) #3

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Yes, thank you very much. That way it works perfectly as expected. To be more clear and help someone with the same problem in the future, if you want to use a referenced image as main image you have to tell appsheet exactly what you want to do. In my case I created a virtual column in the items table with the app formula [image].[image]

where the first [image] is the field containing the ref in the items table and the second [image] is the field containing the image in the images table Now I can use the virtual column as my main image in the views