How to use api in webhook

Dear all

i want to use a third party API service for SMS

what is the setting to trigger a webhook call that can trigger SMS,

please help i don’t have more knowladge for this.

If you are using a GET method, create an action of type “Go to an external url” and construct the required url using a CONCATENATE().

If you want to trigger a POST method, then you can do it using webhook. See this:

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dear sir

I’m have already tried external action as ur above reference. it’s working but it’s open a new window every time when we trigger action. I want to trigger this webhook in the background.

can you provide a setup body screenshoot? with get method webhook.
“ru1ru1TELEOSPromo##0091999xxxxxxxThis is test message”
Response :

please help me to setup webhook with post

1) API Documentation – Teleo SMS Support