How to use AppSheet with AutoCAD (or other CAD software)

I’ve been using AppSheet in an engineering company that needs to prepare documentation (Sheets) with localizations on DWG drawings. It is achievable in AppSheet and convenient to frontline workers.

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That’s awesome @Wojciech_Szczepanik
Imagine if we could export the .scr file directly from the AppSheet App.
Actually we can export .xml files. You could then change the file extension to .scr


I did the same with .kml files

Adding @Phil

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@Fabian Would be great to export .scr files from App.
AutoCAD gives a lot more features. We can think maybe about some API connection?

What must be said:

AppSheet saves coordinates in format X.XXX, Y.YYY when X, Y <100, and Y-axis is pointing down. Changing the axis in AutoCad is a bad idea. I tried to separate Y to a different column and make operation [100-Y.YYY) but this is generating a little too much mess in the app. That’s why I used the new sheet. Maybe you have other ideas?

I think you don’t need to have the image as a square 100 by 100 units. If you know the width and the high you can calculate the XY values as I did here.
You could do all the calculation directly in AppSheet and then export it as a XML file. You then just have to change the file extension to SCR.
With this, you would only work in the AppSheet App, without the need to copy things in Google Spreadsheet.

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