How to use expressions in HTTP Headers

Currently if we update any API key (discard old keys for any security reason), we have to update authorization http headers manually. It is a tedious and buggy process.

Ability to use template expression like below will make our life super efficient :slight_smile:

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What does this mean then?


I was wondering the same thing.

I tested and the template expression doesn’t work. The literal text “<<[Test Column]>>” was sent to the server.

Maybe try a Concat formula rather than a template syntax for the header?


Thanks for the tip.

That works. So we don’t need <<>> brackets and concatenation. Just drop in the expression.
Another thing is AppSheet also check the format. So if I set [Printer Auth] in the formula without “Authorization:”, Appsheet will throw an error saying it’s missing “:”.

Good to know :slight_smile:


Hi @Steve , the documentation in Invoking Webhooks from a Bot, Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report | AppSheet Help Center should include a simple example of using an expression in the HTTP header.


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