How to use google sheets without updating/editing original file

I am currently using a spreadsheet from google sheets to create an app to calculate quotes. However, I need it to be usable by many users individually but when an edit or calculation is made it makes the change to the original spreadsheet (and to anybody that will be using it). Is there anyway I can use the formulas from the spreadsheet without it editing the whole form for everybody?

Your question makes no sense. You seem to be asking how to make changes to a worksheet without making changes to the worksheet.

I don’t want to make changes to the original worksheet. The app is going to be used specifically to quote the prices of our products and be used by various dealers across the country. However, if somebody in Seattle is quoting a customer and another dealer in Florida wants to quote a potential customer, they will be working against each other. The problem multiplies, the more people are going to be using it. So is there a way I can use the info and formulas from the worksheet while keeping the changes to the worksheet on everybody’s individual phone?

I think you have a large misunderstanding of how Appsheet, and databases in general, work. Maybe this article will help?

Typically, each user should have their own records, which would be separate entities and would not affect each other.

To answer this question directly though: no, there is not.

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Would private tables potentially work for this?

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I know exactly how appsheet and databases work, but only @APiCC_Conor understood my problem. Thank You! I greatly appreciate your input and this is exactly the solution to my problem. THANKS AGAIN!!