How to use LaTeX in AppSheet

Hi! Everyone,
I try to create an examination paper generator. There are mathematical expressions and symbols in the question such as integration, fraction, and e.t.c. I want to try to use LaTeX to convert to mathematical expressions whenever the form submitted. Any idea how this can be done?

Thanks for your help.

I’m afraid that’s not possible as a string at this moment. Though you can save them as an image.

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Is it possible to insert image together with text in the Google Sheets cell.

SVG is kinda supported in AppSheet. See this

You could use this to convert your LaTex to svg

Not sure how the templating engine handles this though.

Another thing is after run the workflows, I want to generate docx files which the generated docx files with the mathematical expression can be edited by MathType (for example).

This is asking a lot of AppSheet at the present time. You can make a feature request and it may get on the roadmap in the future.