How to use the "Show type"?

I am making an app that has a form view, I would like to insert texts, urls, images and videos to help the user fill it out. I found that the proper way is to use the “Show” type, but it never works and the documentation is always showing how it was done in the old AppSheet layout.

I create the column and select the type “Show”, I go to edit the column, in the details section of the type I select “text” and in the content I write anything, but the text always appears with the equal symbol before it (ex: = John Doe).

If I select the url category and inform the url in the content, the hyperlink is broken and redirected to “[url that I placed in the content]”. If I select an image or video it never works either, probably for the same reason as the url category.

Could you help me, please? I believe this is the only method for me to personalize and put tips on my form.

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Hi @Henrique_Vieira

What is the notation for Content in text and URl?
It would be easier to get an answer if you attach a screenshot.

Hi, Takuya! Thanks.

See below:

Also doesn’t work if put the text/url between quotes or use a function.

It’s a wonder. In my environment, everything shows up.
How is it displayed in your environment?

I am creating a Show column in VC.
Also, the URL and Image are enclosed in double quotation marks.

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The image just doesn’t work:

(Created with a VC also):

The URL show like that:

The VC:

You tried that within a form view?

Also the text shows up like: =“Hello world!”. :confused:

It shows up properly if I don’t write anything on the content and put “Hello World!” in the VC name, but that doesn’t work with urls/images/videos.


Yes, I’m trying it with FormView.
I wonder what could be the cause?

I also did not understand. Regardless of how I try, it never works. :confused: