How to Use URL as app type link

Has anyone every tried building a gallery view that uses 3 types of App type inputs

I have got the LINKTOFORM and LINKTOVIEW working together using an IFS expression, i am now trying to add external URL into the mix, but not really sure if it’s even possible

something like this,

[Name] = “Update Contractors Database”, LINKTOVIEW( [View Link] ),
[Name] = “Add New Capital Expense”, LINKTOFORM(“Expenses_Form”, “Type”,“CAPex”),
[Name] = “View Income Statement”, LINKURL( [URL] )

I see the system is generating an action (Open URL) Perhaps LINKTOROW can be used here, am i on the right track?

Try using a grouped action that contains both the LINKTOVIEW/FORM action and the ‘open a website’ action. Then set a condition on each action that’s based on the row they clicked, so the correct action fires for each row and ignores the other action.

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Thanks for the idea, if i can get the URL to work i can combine the other actions. Not having much luck though, im trying to set the Behavior condition to something like;

LOOKUP([_THISROW], “Categories”, “Name”, “Name”)=TRUE,
[Type] = “URL”),

or do you think i will need an action for every single view (Row) using this method?