How to write a fixed currency value in expression

Hi, I have a [ItemPrice] Column that is price of item. How can I run this expression without error:

MAX(LIST([ItemPrice], 0))

It show error “LIST has elements of mismatched types”. That’s because 0 is Decimal and [ItemPrice] is Price. So how can I use a fixed value of Price type. I’ve tried “$0” or “$0.0” or “0.0” but useless

My only solution for this is creating a virtual currency column (for example [ZeroDollar]), which formula is “=0”. Then use the expression:

MAX(LIST([ItemPrice], [ZeroDollar]))

Try (preferred):

MAX(LIST([ItemPrice], 0.0))


MAX(LIST([ItemPrice]) + {0.0})
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The first way is no use, the error LIST has elements of mismatched types is still there. But the second way is working. thanks for your help Steve

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