How to write an expression to change date format in word as mmm dd yyyy?

How to write an expression to change date format in MS Word as “mmm dd yyyy” for workflow rule? Thank you in advance…

Could you please elaborate your requirement in more detail.

In general you could use TEXT() functions to get the desired format from date column.


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I created a workflow to send an email when update is done. I created an email body template in MS Word to send date and other information to end user using <> and <>. By default, the date format is 7/28/2020 in the email. However, I want Jul 28, 2020. How to do it? Thank you…

Hi @AppSheet_Lectra,

Could you please elaborate following? From where you are getting this date in the email?

The date is [Kick Off Date] entered by user in the app. When user receives the email, the date is 7/28/2020.

Thank you. please try to format the date in the following format in the Word template.

<<TEXT([Kick Off Date], "MMM DD YYYY”)>>


I tried TEXT(<<[KickOff Date]>>,“mmm dd yyyy”). No wonder it did not work. Thank you for your solution.


You are welcome and all the best with your app creation!