How to write this Show if expression

Hi team,

I want to be able to restrict certain functions in my app based on the membership level that a client has purchased. In the past I tried to maintain two separate versions of the app. But I’d like to simplify.

For Basic users all of the data they put in the app is viewable only by them.
For Pro users, I want them to see “Share with Coach” Button/Action and a “Book A Session” action

The data on type of user is kept in a separate “Clients” table.
So for each of my Show ifs, I need to go off and lookup the current user in the clients table and then only show the Share with Coach field if that user is assigned the [Type] = “Pro”

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to write this expression.

Any help?


Does following help?

In the BEHAVIOR sectionof the action settings of those two actions, under “Only if this condition is true” , an expression something like below

IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Clients[Email], [Type]=“Pro”))

You may also try this expression for the Show_if of the buttons for these two fields .


Brilliant as always Suvrutt!
Thank you