How would I set a value of a field in a form ...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

How would I set a value of a field in a form based on the “form” the user has selected?

For example: A user can choose to input a task in the “tasks” view and the default “list” would be “General”.

If they choose the “shopping list” view, the default “list” would be “Shopping List”. The first view they’ll see is a table view of the tasks for that “list” and would press the + button to create a new task.

I’ve looked to bypass the + button with my own action but it would require that I turn off the add records capability for the underlying slice. This would prevent my action from working as well.

I attempted to use LINKTOFORM but do not have the ability to utilize an IF expression as I’m unable to reference the form name.

Will standby for any ideas.


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If you hide the + system action, would that solve your case?

(Daisy Ramirez) #3

Unfortunately not. The form is based on the tasks table and so are many other list forms. If I hide it the other forms are affected.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

So… you are using the same table for multi form views?

(Daisy Ramirez) #5

Slices based on the task table