Howdy community, I have a potential mind-be...

(Elan Bailey) #1

Howdy community,

I have a potential mind-bender for you. I’ve designed two versions of an app that can share information back and forth.

In the current design, the user creates a post in App A. The post is only visible to the user, unless and until they decide to share it. When they share it it becomes immediately available to their coach in App B.

Conversely, the coach can create a post in App B and keep it private or share it and have it become immediately visible to the intended user in App A.

My question is… is there any way to change the filter so that a post can be created in either App and then set to be shared with the user or coach at a SCHEDULED date and time, rather than immediately?

For example as a coach I may want to write all of my posts throughout the week but schedule them to be shared with the intended users on Friday mornings at 6 am.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Are the posts being created in the same table or two different tables? Is there a connection between these tables? Where are the mentee and coach emails stored? I believe you can configure this with Reports although I haven’t done it myself.


Could you use slices to do this and only show them on certain days.

(Tony Fader) #4

+elan Bailey You could make a “share after” column that’s a DateTime. Then, in your security filter or slice, make the condition:

OR(ISBLANK([Share after]), NOW() > [Share after])

(Elan Bailey) #5

Beautiful @tony that would do the trick. Thanks for the recommendations everyone.