Howdy new AS Community!

(Stephen Mattison) #1

Howdy from Missouri, USA! I am excited to see this new Bespoke? AS Community/Gadget get to work!
Already enjoying interacting with Discobot. Is he/she? all your Development? All looks very cool & useful! Hopefully you’ve baked in the best of what makes G+ Community so great with ways to enhance the insanely & uncommonly fast responses we have grown accustomed to!
I would love to learn LOTS more about the development of this Gadget and how it works.
I vote to keep Posting/mirroring everything to G+ Community. I am hoping that G+ will be making itself available within a paid ‘Google One’ type setup. I’m already paying for G memory, I’d pay an extra $10/yr just to keep our AS G+ Community alive.
Just tell me how I can +AleksiAlkio here and I’ll be just fine! Haha, but seriously, this is important!
I edited this Post to attach a photo to see how this works/looks here.
Stephen Mattison

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #2

Hey @Stephen_Mattison glad you’ve joined! As you start posting/commenting, let me know what you’re finding useful or would be helpful to have. (Should be able to find Aleksi in here soon!)

(Marc Dillon) #3

Also excited to be here. The reply editor seems suuuuuuper slow. Possibly due to the auto-saving.

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #4

@Marc_Dillon hm, I haven’t seen that - can you let me know if you keep experiencing a slow reply editor?

(Marc Dillon) #5

Not just the reply editor, main posting editor too. It’s like the editor is trying to validate what I’m typing as I’m typing it, and thus slowing it down. I think It’s doing too many things; saving, popup related post suggestions,showing preview,etc.

Adding new tags doesn’t really seem to work well either.

I’m on Firefox if that matters. I’ve had quite a few bugs in the app editor on Firefox that aren’t there on Chrome.

(Santiago) #6

Quick tip, you can mention anyone by using the @ the user.

(Reza Raoofi) #7

Hi @Stephen_Mattison!
Good to be in touch in the new community! :smiley:

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

@Stephen_Mattison I’m here :smiley:

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(Marc Dillon) #9

@Peter My editor slowness seems to be gone now, was something changed?

Tagging is still giving me issues. I can’t create a new tag, I can type something in, but there seems to be no way to create it, hitting enter doesn’t work, hitting the plus sign doesn’t work. Also, if I select a tag, there is no way to remove it without completely backing out of the editor.

Should we start a new thread for community issues?

(Stephen Mattison) #10

@Aleksi Pleased to see you here!

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #11

@Marc_Dillon for now, tags can only be created by admins, but we’ll likely open that up once we see demand for different topics. Any suggestions for that or other items, mind adding to this thread? New AppSheet Creator Community