HTML body template - A


Below is HTML body code for email.


Where in while executing workflow to send email, I get the error message as below.

“Errors”: “Error: Workflow rule ‘Send 1st Email’ action ‘Send 1st Email’ Body template. Contains expression '<<input type=“hidden” name=”[NFA Request No.]" value="<<[NFA Request No.]>>’ having a start token ‘<<’ without a matching end token ‘>>’",

Please help what is wrong.

I am trying to send buttons in the email so that actions can be taken directly from the email.


All of your HTML tags are invalid. What’s with the ‘<<’ and ‘>>’?

It was ‘<’ and ‘>’ everywhere except at the places where I wanted value of the column. But it was not showing buttons in the received email, rather the entire code in the email body of the received email. So, I thought to format it like HTML body template.

But then it gave syntax error.


Hello, my existing HTML body template is as below.


<< and >> should only occur around template variable names an template expressions, not around HTML tags. HTML tags should use < and >. For instance, <<form ...>> is not HTML, but <form ...> is.

But, what if I have to use HTML code in the email body template?

I had tried as per you suggested but, it just printed the code in the email body in the mail.

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Can anyone help on this.

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I feel your pain Rajan.

Even the simplest bit of HTML markup does not work inside of the email body section.

This renders the email notifications to almost strictly plain text and dynamic values only. Not a high amount of utility gained there in my opinion. Looks like the email body template is the ugly stepchild of Appsheet’s featureset.

Not an expression:


Provide a working expression and you might get better results.

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My point is that html does not render in the expression assistant, which is where you have to write the message that is output in the email.

You could write simply “test” in the expression assistant and it would work, but you can’t add any HTML tags within or outside of an expression.

I could have used a better screenshot to illustrate, but my goal is simply to indicate that there’s no solution for this problem like @Rajan_PACHCHIGAR indicated.

Change this, which is not an expression:


to this, which is an expression:

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This only seems to work for the Workflow expression assistant.

The Actions expression assistant that generates email doesn’t like HTML. I think you explained this in another post, but ultimately it would be nice if HTML just worked the same in both areas. I got tripped up heavily understanding that the two body sections don’t exactly work the same in this regard.