HTML body template - A


Below is HTML body code for email.


Where in while executing workflow to send email, I get the error message as below.

“Errors”: “Error: Workflow rule ‘Send 1st Email’ action ‘Send 1st Email’ Body template. Contains expression '<<input type=“hidden” name=”[NFA Request No.]" value="<<[NFA Request No.]>>’ having a start token ‘<<’ without a matching end token ‘>>’",

Please help what is wrong.

I am trying to send buttons in the email so that actions can be taken directly from the email.


All of your HTML tags are invalid. What’s with the ‘<<’ and ‘>>’?

It was ‘<’ and ‘>’ everywhere except at the places where I wanted value of the column. But it was not showing buttons in the received email, rather the entire code in the email body of the received email. So, I thought to format it like HTML body template.

But then it gave syntax error.


Hello, my existing HTML body template is as below.


<< and >> should only occur around template variable names an template expressions, not around HTML tags. HTML tags should use < and >. For instance, <<form ...>> is not HTML, but <form ...> is.

But, what if I have to use HTML code in the email body template?

I had tried as per you suggested but, it just printed the code in the email body in the mail.

Can anyone help on this.