Hy Guys... I've built a simple app, from a Go...

(Rodrigo Meira) #1

Hy Guys… I’ve built a simple app, from a Google Forms template… the user must fill a simple form. When he clicks the Send button, the Sync screen appear. Ok. But after that, the screen don’t come back to the initial form. I use the FORM setting in the UX. I read about changing the bottom button of the screen to get back to the initial screen of the form, but I can’t seem to fin the place where to do that … Can anyone help me ?


(Rodrigo Meira) #2

@Suvrutt_Gurjar I’ts On, but after I hit the SEND button, it goes to a Sync screen, then it goes to a blank screen where I can write on top, not to another blank form for me to fill… I saw in a video that you can edit the lower bar buttons to go to “Form” or something like that … but I can’t seem to find this in this viewing mode …

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @Rodrigo_Meira , Do you mean reopening the blank form again for entry of next record and if you are using “Form” view as form,

then please try the following setting under the “Form” option in UX - > Views - > Form ->

Auto Reopen - Yes