Hybrid Dashboard

I am loving the dashboard views! What would make them doubly great is if one of the views could be “Interactive” while the others are not. My use case is simple: I have a list of customer subscriptions each of which contains multiple, related child tables with many rows. I would like to select the customer subscription in the primary/interactive view and have the related child items display in table views just like it does now. But then when I select one of the child items, I would like to execute the Edit Action (or whichever action is configured) instead of just highlighting it on screen. As far as I know, this can only be achieved right now by using a deck or other view type and exposing the Edit Action via the Action Bar.

Why don t you place detail view with action button for edit (usually it does) onto dashboard.

I mean when the user of the app select one of the line item out of either deck/table view within dashboard, the detail view within dashboard will show the detail of the selected line items. Within that detail view, user hit the edit button.

There is no workaround for now to execute action to activate EDIT by selection of the line item.

But I m not testing it, however, the action attached to either deck/table view may achieve that. First create action to go to the target view. Set this action to the table/deck view to be fired UPON selection of the item.
In my app, I do use this trick, i.e. the detail or form or any other view will be opened when the user select / hit the line items out of deck/table view.

I m not sure if this action / methodology is applicable even on the dashboard view.

Interesting one.

Thanks - the Edit action works in deck view just fine and I’m sure it would also work in detail as well. The issue is specific to table view which does not provide action buttons. The problem with using anything other than table view in my case is the amount of information I am presenting. My child tables might have 50+ rows of data and several important columns that I need to display. Deck view is limited in terms of visible column data and detail view would require advancing through tens of records to get to the desired one.

Then for the dashboard only you generate a slice with fields you want to display and present to user . With that slice you create detail view and place it to dashboard?

I don’t think that will work for my situation. Hence the feature request :slight_smile:

Okie doki.