Hyperlink in Description Field

Hi all,

I have an app which draws some of its data from another source via CSV file upload.

Each week, I plan to upload the CSV file. -I think some of my users will be frustrated when they make changes and find they have been changed back on the next CSV upload.

One of my columns in my table is called Group, but my users know it as a Grade. I currently have it configured like this:

Column Name: Group
Display Name: “Grade”
Description: “Grade - Permanent changes should be made at mywebsite”

I think it would be better if mywebsite.com was a clickable link. Is this possible in a Description?

I have tried the following syntax without any luck:

CONCATENATE("Grade - Permanent changes should be made at ", HYPERLINK(“http://mywebiste.com”, “mywebsite”)

I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong. If so, what? If not, would this be a valid feature request?


It is not possible to include a hyperlink in a Text or LongText value.

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Thanks Steve.

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