Hyperlink in email body not working

I have a compose email action. Within the body I am trying to use HYPERLINK but when the email opens it only show the actually link rather than the words I am wanting used. Is this a bug?

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Take a look at Phil’s answer in this previous thread. Does this possibly apply to your situation here?

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I don’t think so… I’m not trying to use any images or even any columns. I’m just wanting HYPERLINK(“link”, “Click Here”)

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Something like this, then?

<<HYPERLINK("https://www.appsheet.com", "AppSheet home page")>>

getting an error message with that

Please use with your email body…

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yes, sorry I was overthinking your question, @Aleksi is right, if you use the “body” field then you can insert various and regular html, e.g. the following chunk of html works fine… best, -Ty

 <table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center" bgcolor="#42bde7" style="text-align: left;">
<tr valign="top" width="100%">
<td valign="top">     

<img src="https://www.appsheet.com/Content/img/logo/NewLogo/600px/Reverse%20color%20-%20White%20-%20Horizontal.png" alt="alt text" width="130" border="0" />

<h3>Welcome to this MOTD!! :)</h3> 

<br/>Here's a random picture which will rotate daily:
<br/><img src="<<[Random Image]>>" alt="alt text" height="185" width="307" border="0" />
<li><a href="https://www.appsheet.com" style="color: #ffffff;font-family: sans-serif;">AppSheet</a></li>
<li><a href="https://www.google.com" style="color: #ffffff;font-family: sans-serif;">Google Inc.</a></li>

<p> more info goes here... </p>

This is a compose email action - not a send email workflow. It seems to me that these have to be done within the expression builder and using HTML does not work.


@McKenna_Killion Did you figure it out? I am also trying to use the HYPERLINK() in an action of type Send Email.

No I was not ever able to get it to work.

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I end up using the Worflow email which offers more options

It appears that most basic utilizations of HYPERLINK() in regards to email notifications/actions/workflow are bugged out/nonfunctional.

Even with a valid expression…

You will always get plain text in your output.

Looks like a major bug for this feature.

Hyperlinks are not valid in Text values.


Granted, now that we’re indicating that “text” means “uses and generates raw text elements only” and not “enter your text here”. Vague/unclear labeling from my perspective.

It’s confusing to the user on several different levels.

  1. HYPERLINK() throws no error message to the user while being used in this section. If email body can only ever generate text, and never any hyperlinks, why is it allowed as part of the expression?

  2. The existing documentation on email templates, although pertaining to Workflow triggered email messages in this case… implies to the user that the same capabilities to send images, links and utilize expressions pertains also to the action section email template body. Trick is, it doesn’t and that isn’t explained in the documentation.

Just feels like email bodies should work functionally the same within workflow and action triggers. This wouldn’t limit the app developer from being able to develop a workflow where a user clicks, and an email with a link is sent.

Basically, this functionality of “click and send a link” is now limited to only “click and send raw text or unclickable links”

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is there anyone who solved this problem?


I would be curious as well. When using the HYPERLINK expression in an email bot, it will send a functioning link, but it will not replace the full link text with the hyperlink text that I provide in the formula.