Hyperlink in pdf

I want to turn a url column into a text link in an emailed workflow pdf, like this.
but it just shows up as the full url instead of “link”.
Also tried putting the hyperlink expression into a new VC, then using that VC in the template, still no go.
Is this correct?

Yes this is a known issue. We are investigating this.


Ok. Thanks.

Is this like a “will be fixed within the week” sort of thing, or should I be figuring out a different way to do what I need done?

This is affecting one of my apps as well. No changes to the app definition or Google Doc, but the emails started showing the full URL instead of the display text. It looks like it started around Friday.

I recently added support for Excel worksheet templates. When doing that I introduced a regression that affected Hyperlinks in HTML templates. I am very sorry about that.

I will be deploying a fix this afternoon.

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The fix has been deployed.


Works on my end :+1:

Now how about letting us place an image or icon as the second argument to HYPERLINK() :wink::wink:


Is it possible?

Is what possible?

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Image on link?