Hyperlink not generated in mail body

Hi Team,

I using HYPERLINK function to generate url in mail body

instead of displaying “here” its printing whole url itself.

I’d call that a bug. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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With the Email body field, you need to write it like…


Confirming that this isn’t an up to date solution. The body field does not respond with raw HTML markup as you’ve suggested.

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The solution applies to email generated by a workflow or report. You appear to be using an action of type External: start an email, which behaves entirely differently. As indicated by Expression Assistant:


You should be entering an expression that produces a Text value. What you’ve entered is not an expression, hence the error.

Valid. Just not sure why the “email body” section from Workflow couldn’t be used as the “body” section within Actions.

Seems like there’s an extreme difference between those two capabilities.