I accidentally deleted the google drive folde...

(Tony Pitman) #1

I accidentally deleted the google drive folder appsheet. It said the affilicate still had access to it. I created another app and now want to find the folder in appsheet in google drive. How do I get that folder back?

(Pierre DUVALLET) #2

The deleted files or folders are kept for one month in the rubbish from where you can get them back Pierre

(Tony Pitman) #3

I saw it in my trash, but when I tried to access it (double click to open) I got an error that I didn’t have rights to it. I didn’t think to just right click it and see what was available. I did that and was able to restore it. Thanks for your reply!

(Pierre DUVALLET) #4

You cannot double click on a folder in the trash. Just click right on it to access the menu and chose Restore.