I am always learning something new ...... In ...

(Mary Jane Pender) #1

I am always learning something new … In the past all my clients have been Premium account owners.

I am a premium account owner.

I have just transferred ownership of an app to a client who wants the app to be on a Public

Publisher Plus pricing plan.

We just did the plan info on his account but it is telling him he has to have a Premium account.

There is nothing in the app design that would require a premium secured account.

He does have a small list of users in a user list on the Users page.

Should all these users be removed?

Can the Admin roles remain on the list

Appreciate any help from Appsheet experts on how to ensure this client they can sign up for Publisher Plus and be able to get user statistics – see which users are using his app.



(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Have you checked the app requirements already?

(Mary Jane Pender) #3


Aleksi I was just reading a support document and I am going to go through the Sync settings.

When I developed it on my account I tried to keep everything at a Public app level.

Let me check things out a bit more.

Thanks for the reminder.


(Mary Jane Pender) #4

Yeah … I still had the Security on requiring users to sign-on and a couple of Premium Sync options.

Thanks for the reminder Aleksi.