I am an App Sheet newbie and not an app devel...

(T M) #1

I am an App Sheet newbie and not an app developer by any stretch of the imagination. I am trying to use App Sheet to create an app that I think would be fairly simple. I want to create an app for a list of activities. I want to show the list and then have a + button (if possible) next to each activity. Each activity is worth between 1-10 points. I would like to make the app so a user can click on one or more activities and then the total value for those activities would add up for a daily totaly. For example, if the user clicks on the + sign for 3 activities and each activity equals 1 point, then the total for the day would be 3 points. Can anyone provide some insight into how I would create this app?

(Grant Stead) #2

@praveen oddly, these types of seemingly simple things become difficult. The recurring automatic nature is difficult. So, to do this well, let’s pin down what needs to occur. First, a user needs to have a profile, and the app must have a list of tasks as a template. Then automatically every day those activities get duplicated so that the user can interact with their new list of daily activities.

We don’t currently have the ability to add records in bulk system generated. So you have a few options.

  1. Each task can be a column in a form, and every day the user starts a new record, and basically continually updates that form throughout the day. (You can even probably get pretty slick with a gallery view and icons tied to data actions. And if there is no current record for the day it shows a button to create one…)

  2. You could have a ton of those records already in the system just waiting to be “assigned” to people. Which sounds a little nuts…

  3. Or we have to flip our thinking and say how about the tasks have days and as people complete the tasks, we add their names to a list of people that have completed that task, that day.

Anyone else have any better ideas?