I am confused on how to filter results for ac...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

I am confused on how to filter results for access or limiting access to people regarding my App.

I have (12) technicians that I have whitelisted the APP with.

They are signed in through their google email.

When they open the App they see all the customers we have in the app, with pertinent information for each customer.

I want to give each customer access to view the information about their specific company and equipment associated with there business.

@Sdfaheemuddin helped me with a filter for a slice, that would limit the customers to their information only.

Here is my confusions: 1. Do I put that expression in ALL the tables I want to limit accessibility to? 2. how will this effect my technicians who are already signed in?

I need help breaking this down in my brain.

I want to give the unique ID# to my customer that represents their site, and have a way to let them use that ID# to only access there information.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The slice would not be enough. It’s filtering data in the device and you need to use security filter. Otherwise the customer can see other customer’s data. With the security filter the filtering is happening on the server side and then the customer can’t read other customer’s data anymore.

(Steven Jeffery) #3

So, how do I keep my technicians seeing all the information, but reduce my customers visibility of information?

(Steven Jeffery) #4

I know I need to use Security filters. But how do I keep the technicinas from being limited to what they can see, while limiting customers?

Probably redundant question.

Sorry for my ignorance…

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

For example if you have an email column in your table, you can use a formula like… OR(USEREMAIL()=[Email],IN(USEREMAIL(),{nameA@email.com,nameB@email.com,nameC@email.com}))

(Steven Jeffery) #6

Is the useremail what they are “Signed In” as?

Or is the Useremail the column in the table you are refering to?

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

USEREMAIL() is an expression and you can read the user’s email address to your data with it.

(Steven Jeffery) #8

Ok, so tell me if I am understanding this, I think it just clicked.

If the Customers Email Address is John@appsheetfordummies.com, and they log in to the app with the email:


The will see the record that applies to : John@appsheetfordummies.com

Though if my technicians email address are in the brackets: {nameA@email.com,nameB@email.com,nameC@email.com}

They will be able to see everything.

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

You have understood this 100% correctly.