I am extracting data from my Google calendar ...

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I am extracting data from my Google calendar but AppSheet seems to inconsistently determine dates (I’m in UK) as a mix of USA and UK.

It looks like it may be based on APPSheet think dates are US, unless initiall xx/ is greater than 12 then is realises it is UK. So dates in May like 12/05/2018 are considered as 5th December 2018, but 22/05/2018 is understood to be 22nd May. This is verified by using MONTH() which shows a completely inconsistent date validation. Is this a bug, it seems to be a setting issue? Do I have a setting wrong somewhere?


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You may also find the community post below useful

plus.google.com - Date (locale) bug I made an app with Google sheet locale set to Switzerland … Date (locale) bug I made an app with Google sheet locale set to Switzerland … plus.google.com

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…and the 3rd setting place is the Database itself… like Google Sheet locale settings. Mr Suvrutt just forgot to mention about that :slight_smile:

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Hi @Aleksi_Alkio, You are right about 3rd important setting. I also mentioned it in my first

post above in this thread, under para that follows the word Summary.

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Hi thanks for help so far.

I have checked Chrome, Google calendar and Google Calendar Data Table and all my localisation is set to UK.

I don’t think Chome is relevant as the data mis-sorts directly into Table and it is clear dates are mixed/UK format in AppSheet table.

The problem lies in AppSheet assuming US format DESPITE my Google Calendar UK localisation and the Data Table localisation. Is there another setting or is this a bug?

Probably not relevant but my google apps site is a .com, not .co.uk

Thanks again


@Andrew_Lewis There is a known Chrome bug that Chrome date input displays dates in US format for en-GB and en-AU. This could be one source of inconsistency. If using the calendar picker the right date gets saved (just displayed wrong within the input), but if a user types in a date as dd/mm/yyyy the browser will interpret it as mm/dd/yyyy in these locales.

There is a separate problem with date localization when using browsers with no calendar picker like Firefox and IE that can flip the day and month. If you think some of your users might be using those, you can email adam@appsheet.com with your account ID number I’ll add you to an experimental fix for that.

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Hi Adam, thanks for your input and though useful to know, Chrome is not the issue at hand - it really seems to be an AppSheet bug.

The data is taken directly from my Google Calendar “table” by AppSheet, no manual input. My Google calendar has been in use for many years and is definitely on UK region settings I just checked again and I work internationally and have no problem with many international calendar invites etc. It is a google apps account and is a “.com”.

Here’s an example: an entry of 11th April 2018, UK “11/04/18” (AA/BB/CC) is being converted by APPSheet on table load into “04/11/18” or 4th November (BB/AA/CC). I have verified APPSheets “confusion” by adding and displaying column fields of MONTH([Start]) and DAY([Start]). AppSheet incorrectly returns 11 (month) and 4 (day). You can see this flip-flop behavior in attached AppSheet data view. The date 11/04/18 is wrongly filed as 04/11/18 (in DD/MM/YY format!).

Dates where AA > 12 are loaded as UK, AA/BB/YY by AppSheet, when AA < 13 AppSheet files them as US BB/AA/YY instead. My money is on a minor AppSheet bug, it is reading my calendar config as USA somehow?

I am not sure how to proceed, if it’s a bug it’s one that will stop me from buying the product. I don’t want to pay for the product in order to raise a problem with the product that might not be fixed?

Very happy for someone to check my configuration.




I see, very clear explanation, thanks. It is quite possible there is a bug with locale settings when using a Google calendar source. If it’s a bug on our end (likely it is) we can probably fix it. I’ll take a closer look at this scenario and try to confirm.

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Hi @Andrew_Lewis,You may wish to go through the following article.

Summary: The dates display has three date setting components-back end database, ,table locale in AppSheet table settings and the locale setting of your device/browser where the app is deployed. help.appsheet.com - Locale Support in AppSheet

Locale Support in AppSheet help.appsheet.com