I am having a terrible time getting the app to work and function. Assistance please

Why is this not functioning??

Help please

I want to be able to have an app that has the ability for user to add:

-Date & Time
-Pump Reading
-Gallons Pumped

But, the app creator keeps telling me its all wrong. New to the process. Heard amazing things about APPSHEET and want to give it a try, understand, and use more.

No coding experience.

Thanks in advantage.

What error messages are you getting?

One issue might be the data type - you could change the expected type in the page you screenshot to “text” for universal fields, or “decimal” for numbers with decimals.

Also, I recommend limiting the use of the “Initial value” to when you have a really good idea of what value is going to be in that field (Like USERNAME() for Name), and not just set “text value”.

Another issue that I have sometimes had is that the setting of weather the user is allowed to add/delete or just update rows.

Good luck with it :slight_smile:

Hard to troubleshoot all the potential issues but try this. Go to Data/Columns and Regenerate each of the tables.

If you’ve edited or added any column names in the database you will have to do this.

One way to identify the reason… Editor > Info > Errors.