I am having an issue today, just trying to cr...

(Tom Graham) #1

I am having an issue today, just trying to create a new Table and add a new View. But no data shows up in the new view, and I cannot figure out why it just shows blank values in the view.

Video Demo: http://somup.com/cqVojunoFO

I feel like a complete Appsheet newbie again… am I doing something wrong? Or perhaps issue with Appsheet?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The reason is probably the ARRAYFORMULA in Cell A1 because it’s a key column and it’s not Read_Only either. Copy & paste that column as “Values only” and see how it goes then.

(Michael Avenilov) #3


I think im stuck on the same issue. as well, I have an ArrayFormula which takes UNIQUE values out of another Table in Spreadsheet.

It does work if i copy only the values…

BUT what should i do, in case i need to take out of another sheet only its unique values? any Appsheet formula can handle it mb?