I am having an odd issue. When I launch Apps...

(Jerry Power) #1

I am having an odd issue.

When I launch Appsheet from the Google Sheet it is tied to, it appears the key is reset.

This then results in a domino effect that causes issues with slices, removes multiple Validif’s and Showif’s from the main data sheet, and removes all defined properties such as readonly, hidden and required.

If I open the sheet directly from the Appsheet frontend I don’t have this problem.

My current fix is just to open the app for editing directly from the Appsheet home page.

I am curious if anyone else is seeing this and if there are any suggestions?

(Steven Coile) #2

I don’t understand what you mean by “the key is reset”. What key?

I don’t usually open my apps from the Sheets plug-in.

My assumption is the plug-in was for creating new apps, not accessing existing ones, so I always access my existing apps from the AppSheet site.

(Jerry Power) #3

@Steven_Coile the key is the column or multiple columns used to uniquely identify each row.

As for opening from Google Sheets plugin, it has worked this way for the past year, however it does appear to be creating a problem now.

(Philip Garrett) #4


Are you opening your app via the Google Sheets Add In? If so, that would explain the problem.

When you use the Add In, you are deleting and recreating the app from the Google Sheet. If you have an existing app and have made edits to that app through the Editor, those changes will be lost.

Once you have created your AppSheet app through the Google Sheets Add In, you should make all subsequent changes through the Editor. You should not use the Add In for that worksheet again, unless you want to discard your existing app and start from scratch.

(Jerry Power) #5

I have not had the issues I am seeing before, however I will not use that route in the future.

(Philip Garrett) #6


A recent change we made may be involved.

Previously the Google Sheets and Google Forms Add Ins worked slightly differently. Praveen made a change recently to make to two Add Ins work identically. I don’t know the details, but that may explain why it once worked for you but no longer does.

(Jerry Power) #7

Thanks for the help.