I am having issues with recovering a previous...

(Jerry Power) #1

I am having issues with recovering a previous version.

When I recover a previous version, the recovered version looks correct with all the Required and Show If’s properly in place, however if I close the display and reopen I lose quite a bit of setup that I had tested and put in place.

Is this new or am I holding my tongue in the wrong portion of my cheek?

(Jerry Power) #2

A little further study shows the problem is not occurring in the mobile app, it only happens if I open the app in Appsheet.

Then I get 10 to 13 warnings and it has lost several changes I have made.

(Jerry Power) #3

And after further investigation, it appears that what is happening is that after I restore a previous version it works fine.

When I close the Appsheet page and relaunch it looks like Appsheet changes the key on a critical table.

This then creates a domino effect where slices no longer have the proper key and Showif’s and Validif’s are deleted.

It also resets property settings for the critical table.

The key is not the first column in the table and this has never been an issue before.

Now it appears to create problems.

If I have to I can modify the Google Sheet to make the key the first column, however to do so will result in redoing a lot of work previously tested.