I am having trouble setting Enum "Allow other...

(Rosemary Black) #1

I am having trouble setting Enum “Allow other values” to false, after save, they always re-set to true.

What am I doing wrong?

I assume it’s something small that I have missed somewhere :slight_smile:

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Rosemary_Black,

Could you please add if you are using Enum value setting for enum options or Valid_if constraint?

My testing shows that when one adds Enum values in the column definition itself by using EnumValues option,

one can set the

“Allow other values” values option to “true” or “false” and its stays.

Also if the setting is set to “true”, the app user can add his own other value apart from those shown in enum option.

If the setting is set to false, the “other” enum values are not allowed.

However if one sets the Enum option values through Valid_if option the

“Allow other values” always defaults to “true” . However it has no impact on outcome, as the user is anyway restricted to the lookup list displayed through valid_if constraint.

Hope this helps.