I am looking for help to do the following: O...

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I am looking for help to do the following:

Overview of app: -Table of Farmers -Table of Vegetable Varieties -Table of Notes

The Notes table is linked with a ref to the farmers and vegetable varieties.

The idea is to create a note where I can add a remark and a picture of a specific variety (select by drop down) on visit to a relevant farmer (select by drop down).

I however have scenarios where a take 1 group photo of more than one variety (for comparison purposes) and the remark covers all of the varieties in question.

I do not want to use a enumlist for variety selection to achieve this as the idea of using references is that I am able to do the following: -Select variety and see inline view of all notes and farmers related to the variety (the same is true for for selecting note or farmer respectively).

How do I do this without needing to create a separate record for each variety and duplicate the photo and remark? Or is this the only way? (May some kind of action would help if this is the case?)

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Need your wisdom. Is this even possible?