I am making an app that has jobs with forms a...

(Alan Thorp) #1

I am making an app that has jobs with forms and sub-forms.

The forms are for one day’s worth of work on the job and the sub-forms are records of tests that are carried out during the day.

The test record sub-forms have required fields.

The tests take some time to complete and during testing it may become necessary to access other data that I am building into the app, such as the client’s phone number.

I need a way to save the form before completion and access other data on the app.

The user would then preferably be notified that certain sub-forms still need to be completed.

This could happen before a new sub-form is created or before the form for the day can be completed.

So basically a way to get out of a form without cancelling it or completing it, and without losing the data already filled in.

Please can someone give me some suggestions on how to achieve this?

(SKETCHwade) #2

If they always stop and start at the same points I would just make multiple forms. Im not sure of a simple way to do what youre after.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You could for example give an alert/warning if there are still open records before opening a new sub form.

(Alan Thorp) #4


Hi Aleksi.

I was wondering about something similar.

I was trying to think of some way to have a check on the main form that would highlight which subforms were still needing to be completed.

I was planning on having a signature sign off so this could be the field to look at.

Could you suggest a method that I could use?

I was also wondering about having conditional formatting on sections that have not been filled in.

For example a field would be highlighted yellow initially and then turn white once completed.

(Alan Thorp) #5

Ok, so I added a Progress column to the sub form and required_if functions to the required fields in the sub form.

They are now required if the progress is marked as complete.

I also added show_if and required_if complete functions to the signature field so that they can’t sign it off without completing it.

Next step is to have the main form require all sub-forms to be complete before it can be completed itself.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

You could count how many sub-forms you have already added and if that value is not valid, do something.