I am needing help with moving colums from one...

(Amy Lankford) #1

I am needing help with moving colums from one page to another when a certain word is entered. I have a sheet called “Jobs” when someone using the app choses the word “Completed” I need the whole row that has the word completed in it to get moved to a sheet called “Completed”

Where do I even enter this formula??

(Philip Garrett) #2


Someone in the community may have a suggestion on how you can do this, but I have a more basic question.

Why are you moving the row from one worksheet to another when the status changes from “Active” to “Completed”. AppSheet apps normally follow the “database model”. In that model you normally keep both the active and completed data in one table and include a “Status” field that indicates whether the row is active or completed. If you need to display active and completed data in Views, you can create a slice for the active data and another slice for the completed data based on the value in the “Status” field. Your Views can then use those slices.

(Stephen Mattison) #3

I’m with Phil, keep it simple and easy and all in one Table.

(Amy Lankford) #4

Well we would have multiple people entering the first 4 columns of data, the app users will enter the rest from the app. We need the app user to only see the in progress or not started jobs. The completed will accrue to about 16/day and will confuse the users. We want to keep the completed data though so we can use it for reporting purposes.

This is an app for our drivers that shuttle regular customers trucks. We want to be able to easily identify where the driver is based off of which job he is clocked on to

(Stephen Mattison) #5


That’s all very easily doable in AS with one Table using Slices, Sorting, Views, Security.

I think keeping it all in one Table will also make it easier to analyze and graph your data down the road.

(Philip Garrett) #6


If I understand correctly, it sounds like you can control exactly what each user sees using the “Status” field and the appropriate “Slices” and “Views”.

If you want to periodically (say once a week) archive and delete the “Completed” entries, you could do that either manually or using a script. You might do the archiving and deleting as part of your periodic reporting process.

(Amy Lankford) #7

Ok, I need to educate myself in slices then because I used a ifcontains formula to try but it didnt like my formula to send it to the completed sheet.