I am planning to divide my main sheet into mu...

I am planning to divide my main sheet into multiple sheets based on assigned location however I need folks in the field to be able to search across all 3 or 4 sheets/tables ideally with one search.

Is this possible?

Not currently. You can always just email/text people a verification code. And it’s really just their person_id Then you just dref their name and ID into every table, and that gives you something solid to pull up records. (And, I think they’re working on better global searching.)

In theory that sounds good but not with the group we are talking about.

They would never remember.

Look into User Settings. You could define a location setting for each user. Then you wouldnt need to divide the main sheet.

@Tammi_Canelli I agree with David, why are you going to divide the sheet by location? Are you in excess of 10,000 total records?

the records per row probably won’t exceed 2500-3000 but i’m worried about the total cell limit per sheet - i was only able to cut down the columns from 140 to about 99.

@Tammi_Canelli. Keep it all in one sheet. All you need is one column for location and then just sort or make slices based on that.

Your app is far more powerful than a mere spreadsheet, if you keep it simple.


I like that answer :slight_smile:

Hi @Tammi_Canelli
What I do is to create a Users table with columns that define there main rol and multiple rols.
Then I create a filter in security filters where needs to match some conditions of the Users table:


But for this you need to add the control columns in each table that you want to filter de data by user.
And you can also play with slices as well.