I am setting up a workflow that sends SMS whe...

(Jennifer Clem) #1

I am setting up a workflow that sends SMS when a new row is added to the table. I want the body of the text to include a clickable link to the detail view in the app for the row that was added. I can get it to work in an email workflow using <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>>.

Using that expression returns an error of “Workflow rule ‘Add event text’ field ‘Body’ expression ‘_row_web_link’ is invalid due to: Expression refers to undefined field.” What am I missing?

(Philip Garrett) #2

I can investigate if you provide: 1. Your account Id from the Account pane 2. The app name 3. The workflow rule name

(Jennifer Clem) #3

I don’t know what the problem ended up being, I think the workflow became bugged.

I deleted it, and started from scratch.

Copied the body from the original workflow into the new one and now it works fine.

Very strange!