I am still prototyping. I have a table call F...

(Dhaval Daftari) #1

I am still prototyping. I have a table call Features.

It has 2 columns - name and location (i.e. LatLong).

There 2 action buttons (AddTree and AddLake) on the view for the Feature table. I want to add a row with one click of an action button. If user clicks action AddTree the app stores the current location(LatLong) and

“Tree” to name field. If user clicks AddLake a row with

name = “Lake” and current latLong is added.

I don’t want the Form view to popup.

The row should be save automatically when AddLake or AddTree button is clicked. Can this be done?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Dhaval_Daftari No, AppSheet doesn’t support automatically adding a row in the background right now. You’ll always need to open and save a form view whenever you add a row through the app. You can use a LINKTOFORM formula to set the default values of the form, though.

Take a look at these examples: appsheet.com - Customer Support - AppSheet

https://help.appsheet.com/expressions/functions/linktoform Customer Support - AppSheet appsheet.com

(Dhaval Daftari) #3

Is this something that is coming in a future version.

For my application it is pretty critical for the user to be able to rapidly insert rows using multiple buttons.

(Tony Fader) #4

@Dhaval_Daftari It’s something we’re planning. You can upvote it in the feature request app:

appsheet.com - Login - AppSheet Login - AppSheet appsheet.com