I am testing an app for a client that capture...

(Work bea) #1

I am testing an app for a client that captures images and signatures. Everything works great to start. However, when you close out the app and then pull it up again, it takes forever to load and it doesn’t update images. We tested on several iphones.

iphone 8 works ok (it eventually loads but takes a long time) iphone 6S never loads. Is there a min requirement that we missed?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

How much data are we talking about? It should load really quickly under normal circumstances. I own an iPhone 6 and all my apps run fine on it.

Can you check what image resolution has been set for image capture in the UX -> Settings pane of the app editor.

Also, are you seeing a sync screen that takes forever to sync — or does the app just seem to take a long time to start?