I am trying to dynamically change a drop down...

(Alexander Bentley) #1

I am trying to dynamically change a drop down list based on values in a column in another table… For example, if in columns A I have the names Alex, John and Michael, I want to be able to

create a drop down list in another form that is being completed with the names Alex, John and Michael… However if another name is added to that column A e.g. George, I want the drop down list in the other form to automatically also include George now. Is this possible?


Hi @Alexander_Bentley, for the column in the form you can use a Valid_If expression like OtherTable[Names Column] to make the dropdown show the options from that column. Dropdown from Valid_If help.appsheet.com

(Philip Garrett) #3


You can obtain the values in your dropdown list from a column in another table as described in topic “A List of Values from a Column in Another Table” in this article help.appsheet.com - Dropdown from Valid_If

Dropdown from Valid_If help.appsheet.com