I am trying to have a column displayed in the...

(Wes Bunch) #1

I am trying to have a column displayed in the app that usually consists of a TIME value as HH:MM.

But, sometimes this particular column may have text entered such as “ASAP” or some other short string of text.

My question is, how can I make the app show the column as time when it is indeed a time, and text when it is not time rather than the “Invalid date” error?


Hi @Wes_Bunch You should keep your time column for just time and maybe add another column for Notes. You could then have another or virtual column and concatenate the time and notes columns.

(Wes Bunch) #3

Thanks @Lynn the information is coming from another source so I am unable to change the original column setup.

But what I have done, is make a new table with reference cell formulas.

then I created a new column and took what was originally in the “Due Time” column and used the =to_text() conversion formula.

This made all of my times visible as e.g. 4:00 PM instead of their decimal values, and it also made all of my text come through as normal.

After that, i used the new converted column for the app instead of the original.

I think this will work.

May not have been the best way, but it works lol.

(Mark Tuckey) #4

@Wes_Bunch I used a similar method in my app and it works very well.