I am trying to have a workflow action perform...

(Gennifer Caesar) #1

I am trying to have a workflow action perform by looking at the status of something at a certain time of day. If a room status is red after 12 noon, I want an email sent. Is this something that would be put in the formula or can I select a time range for email notifications?

I started with this formula: ([Status]=“Red”, 12:00:00)

(Philip Garrett) #2


If I understand correctly, you want to check the status at a fixed time of day. You can do this using a Report (aka scheduled) workflow rule.

When you define a scheduled rule, you specify the days and times at which the rule will run. You include a condition in the rule that selects the records to include in the resulting email.

See help.appsheet.com - Scheduled Workflows

Scheduled Workflows help.appsheet.com

(Gennifer Caesar) #3

Thank you.