I am trying to improve SYNC times and need so...

(Fonz Allen) #1

I am trying to improve SYNC times and need some advice.

I am using Google Sheets for my database and currently have 18 tables with over 50 views in a single APP. I use some Dashboards which allows me to

group views on the main MENU of views although this isn’t ideal. I wish AppSheet allowed some kind of a hierarchical viewing system so that we could categorize views. All the tables are Read Only.

I did most of my views inside of Google Sheets using query. The 1st tab in the Workbook contains the raw data and additional tabs were added to represent different views of the data using query language against the raw data tab.

Now that I understand AppSheet better I realize that I can reduce the number of tables significantly by reducing the number of tabs in Google Sheets and using Slices inside of AppSheet to do my queries.

This will require some effort on my part so my question is, will this improve Sync times enough to make it worth the effort to change over? Right now users are experiencing 60 to 90 second SYNC times.

Some source data in Google Sheets changes once a week requiring the users to Sync once a week.


(Grant Stead) #2

When I learn, I rebuild…

So, yes, I would stay away from making the backend look a certain way, and I would make appsheet do the slicing of data… Furthermore, I would go out on a limb and say that every user doesn’t need every one of those views… So I would think about user classes, and create different apps for them.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

When the app syncs, it reads sheet’s data from Google account to Appsheet server… and it reads all tabs without knowing are you using them or not. Then it downloads only those tabs to your device that you are using… in basically.

You should remove all those query tables because at this moment you are downloading the same data 18 times. I would stay in one app because the maintaining process will be much easier. Creating different views for different users doesn’t have big influence for your sync times because that is happening on the device.

I would create your own “hierarchical viewing system” with two additional main table (view table and user/category), where you could set who can see what views and who don’t. That table would contains direct links to your views so it would mean you need 50 rows for that table. If you have one field for categories, you are able to show those views only to those categories with the slice.

(Grant Stead) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio agreed.