I am trying to show just 3 columns in a table...

(Celson Aquino) #1

I am trying to show just 3 columns in a table view and the second and third columns, that are decimal type, are truncated as shown on screen below.

I tried using default, narrow and wide, but nothing works.

Any help?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Celson_Aquino Your column width is possibly affected by the length of your group header name. Try it with using shorter grouping headers if possible.

(Celson Aquino) #3

I just modified to change width of both group header and first column. But the second and third columns are so near, and second column cannot be seen in full.

See new screen below.


Hi @Celson_Aquino If it is more important to be able to see your Decimal columns, you could try putting them in the first and second column order. Sometimes it pays to have the narrowest columns first to get more into the view. Also try diff col widths with them first as well.

(Celson Aquino) #5

@Lynn and @Levent_KULACOGLU , thank you for your help. Problem was solved when I did a change in the column width on the spreadsheet (Google Sheets) then did a “regenerate” of table on AppSheet.

Third column is a virtual column, and the second one, that is where the problem was, is a column of one of my spreadsheet tabs that was too narrow on there.

Thanks again.

(Celson Aquino) #6

Here is the final result on my iPhone SE (tiny screen)


Hi Just as a note. It pays to save and verify when adjusting columns as they often dont change in the editor until after a save and verify.

(Celson Aquino) #8

@Lynn Thank you. I never use this save and verify and now I will start to do that.