I am trying to sort something that is proving...

(Green Gorilla) #1

I am trying to sort something that is proving difficult - looking for ideas:

I have an app where the user wants an email every morning, listing jobs that are a certain “status”. I created a new table using a Google Query to pull in all the jobs that are relevant, which is fine.

What I am struggling with is being able to send that data, in an email, for example, once a day. I can use Zapier, and schedule it, which is fine, except I can’t send a BATCH of records, only one new, or updated record. I want to send a list of 100 records… automatically, at, say 6am.

Any ideas?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Green_Gorilla Based on your description, presume

the requirement is to send a daily scheduled email based report of say 100 odd records?

If the new sorted jobs table is connected to app , can the

daily reports option from the app,

using Behavior - > Reports be considered?

(Philip Garrett) #3


Suvrutt is right.

You can do this be setting the “create report option” to “ForEntireTable” as described in this article

help.appsheet.com - Reports Reports help.appsheet.com

(Green Gorilla) #4


Am I right in thinking that this is a PRO feature? And that if I make my apps pro, ALL my apps would need to be $10 per user?

If so, the cost of that is prohibitive…

(Philip Garrett) #5


You can have two accounts, one Pro and another something else. You can put your Pro apps in the Pro account, and your other apps in the non-Pro account.

I assume that you are aware that if you use a single Pro account, your per user charge covers you for as many apps as you choose to create in that account. In other words, we do not charge per user/per app; rather we charge per distinct user/per account.

(Green Gorilla) #6


Yes, I am aware of that. The issue is basically in a company with may employees, where only ONE employee needs a PRO feature like this, everyone in that App has to be on PRO, which is prohibitive…

I’ll keep exploring options. Thanks

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

Use your existing app in your existing account as it is at this moment and then create one “PRO” app which will do this “Schedule reporting”. This “PRO” app doesn’t need all the same functionalities than your existing app. Just the feature you need for sending emails. With this way, you only need one license for your PRO account and the rest can use the existing subsription plan as it is.