I am trying to use Actions to create new vers...

(ControlProcess Pav) #1

I am trying to use Actions to create new versions of entries…

… but I’m getting through some problems.

1a - The entries have a Next Analysis field. This field equals entry creation date + number of days user set for next analysis. So far so good.

1b - When creating a new version of the same analysis, I need to erase that Next Analysis Field from the previous entry. Because in the previous Analysis, I might have set Next Analysis to 6 months from now. Then one week later I discover some problem, do a new analysis and set next analysis to one month later. However, previous version of the analysis would have a posterior date for next analysis! That is bound to confuse a user who is looking at a table.

1c - so I created a combo action, one action to delete or zero the Next Analysis of the current field, then copy and edit the new entry.

1d - however, the action to zero, make blank, etc, the NextAnalysis field doesn´t work. Because the NextAnalysis has a FORMULA, remember? “entry creation date + number of days user set for next analysis”. I can´t even select it.

1e - so what can I do?

2 - Also with actions, I am trying to increase version number of the analysis.

2a - At first I can create a new analysis by clicking

NEW in the Inline table

2b - would it be possible to make the NEW button in the inline table disappear after a first analysis was created? Because after first one was created, I wanted to only be able to create new analysis by VERSIONING the old one, by using an action button from inside it.

2c - what would be the correct way to increase version number, when you make a new version of the current analysis, through an action button? I tried some methods like adding +1 to the cell in an action, it did not work.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2


1/ Are you using an app formula to calculate the Next Analysis column? If so, you may want to use the column’s Initial Value expression instead. The Initial Value expression is used to set the column’s value only the first time the row is created, and will not be used thereafter. You can read more about the difference between app formulas and initial values here:

help.appsheet.com - App Formulas and Initial Values

2/ It might be possible to hide the Add button after the first row has been added to a table. In the Behavior > Actions pane, click on “Show system buttons” to display all system-generated buttons, including the Add button. Once you have located the Add button you want to hide, you can modify the condition expression of the button to disable it if there’s at least one row in the table. App Formulas and Initial Values help.appsheet.com