I am trying to use the new calendar view and ...

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I am trying to use the new calendar view and link to a Google Calendar. I have selected by linked calendar as the data source but none of the entries in my calendar populate in my app… It just shows a blank calendar. I also tried linking a office 365 calendar with the same results. What am I doing wrong here?

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@Timothy_Martin Did you set the Start Date/Start Time/etc. settings in your calendar view under UX > Views?

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I have linked appsheet to a google calendar and created a table from it. I linked the table to the calendar view.

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I can see the calendar if I use a deck or table view, although even then the times are 5 hours off. I live in EST zone and I believe it’s getting stuck in UTC time zone. The times display properly directly in Google so I believe the times are being changed on the appsheet end.

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