I am using the in_valid method of creating a ...

(Book Admin) #1

I am using the in_valid method of creating a dropdown in a field for a list of serial numbers. However, I would still like to accept inputs that matches (say the first 5 numbers of a serial number are valid, but the entire number does not match a list defined). ** something like this accepts inputs but the field is no longer a dropdown ** =OR(FIND(“9781”, [Lookup1])>0, IN([Lookup1],ItemSerialNumber[LookupNumber]))

  1. Is there a way to use the OR conditional for matching a list as well as another match method and still present a dropdown? 2. Is there a way of creating a wildcard value to match? - if I add “9781****” as a value to the ItemSerialNumber list ? 3. Do any of the match methods accept REGEX?
(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could probably do this with the ref field because then the validation would happen in a different place. If you need to read the dropdown values from a different table dynamically, you can’t add an extra validation. If you do, it will filter the existing list.

(Book Admin) #3

Another possible process method I thought of is to see if the “show if invalid” setting can do more than just show a message. Can any of the expressions trigger an action? That way, the use can be prompted to go ADD the new entry that’s not already in the validated list.