I am wanting to design a toolbox talk app for...

(Victoria Winder) #1

I am wanting to design a toolbox talk app for my workers, there will be one toolbox talk per week. Each user will log in, select the current week, up pops the toolbox talk relevant for that week (this could be a PDF, Website or Podcast) worker signs off they they have reviewed the toolbox talk. Also it would be great if i could set a reminder of any user that hasn’t competed the toolbox talk by say Thursday Pm. Has anyone created something similar?

(Mary Jane Pender) #2



very interested to see what kind of answers you get Victoria.


(GreenFluxLLC) #3

The structure sounds similar to a class registration data model. Think of the workers as students signing up for a class. This sample app might help you get started: AppSheet appsheet.com

(Mary Jane Pender) #4

Just like Joseph, I have created a number of apps where it is a worker with tasks assigned and tracking whether they have been completed and if they were completed on time.

I would have to look into the functionality for “popping up” a website or poscast or pdf.

I think we can easily do the opening of a Website or pdf, but I would need to check on the podcast.

Is the poscast currently hosted on a website?

Victoria, which subscription plan are you on for this project?

thanks, mj

(Victoria Winder) #5

Thanks for your reply, Mary I am currently on Premium, I’m guessing scheduling reports is not an option for me as that is a PRO feature.

I plan to work on this today so ill keep you in the loop to see what we come up with. I was able to

download and save the podcast to google drive. I will have a play around with it to see how I can get this incorporated in the APP.