I am working on the creation of an email chan...

(Lavanderias El Sol) #1

I am working on the creation of an email change template, with this fourmula but …

Total Cards: << SUM (SELECT (DETAIL NOTE [CTD], [ARTICLE ID] = << [NOM EXGDE] >>)) >>

in this formula I want to obtain the sum of [CTD] in the table “NOTE DETAIL”, when the field “ARTICLE ID” is equal to the value of << [NOM EXGDE] >>, but the email is not generated and says that there is an error in the formula

Can the substitution of [NOM EXGDE] be done? Or it’s just a syntax error …

“Number of opened and closed parentheses does not match”

Can you help me?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You should probably use something like…


(Lavanderias El Sol) #3

Yeessss… , i am little lost, thx…

that formula brings me the total record, but i need only thouse that check my key, i add [LLAVE ID] = [_THISROW], and bring me cerro ! wath is wrong ? <<SUM(SELECT(DETAIL NOTE[CTD],and [ARTICLE ID]=[NOM EXGDE], [LLAVE ID] = [_THISROW]))) >>

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

SUM(SELECT(DETAIL NOTE[CTD],and([ARTICLE ID]=[NOM EXGDE],[LLAVE ID] = [_THISROW].[LLAVE ID]))) if the column name is LLAVE ID in both tables.

(Lavanderias El Sol) #5

Thats the

solution my friend ! many thx !!!