I cannot figure out why my expression is not working

I have a table that i need to hide rows based on a column value. I want to hide ALL rows that have the value “Payments” in the “document Type” column - see raw data table:

Here is my expression:

Yet in my app - i still see rows with the column value - “Payments”:

What is the column type?


Out of curiosity, does it correctly filter to only payments if you were to switch from <> to = ? I know this isn’t what you want in the long run, I just want to see if it correctly filters everything else.

i can try it - i may be putting the expression in the wrong place…

Or any chance that the value contains space in the end?

Actually… it’s in a wrong place. You should use slice instead of Show?

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no. These columns shouldn’t carry any spaces:

oh ok… So in the slice - use that expression? Is my expression correct?

Yes it is. Create a slice and then use it as a condition rule. Then use that slice as a source for your view.

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ok. I will try this. Thanks

You’re welcome

worked! Now i need to also take out “Credit Memos” do i use:




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In your case, OR().

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Ok. Thanks again guys…


I am still seeing the “Credit Memos”:

Raw Data Table:

Sorry, I forgot since we are using inequalities, you need to use AND().

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Have you changed the source for your view? You should use the slice instead of original table.

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Yes - i changed the source. but i was using OR(…

Let me try AND(…

ok… using AND(… worked.

Thank ya’ll very much!

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